Saint Joseph’s Convent School for girls is a Private Assisted Secondary School administered by the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny, a Religious Order belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. In 1947, the St Joseph’s Convent began as a small private co-ed school with four students. The school was first housed at the Sisters’ Residence in ‘The Palms’ at Back Street. It was moved to the present location in December 1951. It maintains a fixed population of 450 students.


Ours is a Catholic Philosophy of Education and our model is Jesus. We aim to communicate a Christian Way of Life. Consequently, our desire is to be permeated with a Spirit of Faith, an awareness of God’s presence in our midst and in each other, evoking a greater respect for, and consciousness of the dignity of each human person.

We aim at education in the fullest of the word – Education of the whole person for the whole of life. We focus on the development of the human personality of every student by means of an intellectual formation according to the capacity of each child, coupled with a clear formation based on Christian Values and Principles and the development of their creative abilities. These we hope will enable them to love and effect change in their society with a sense of responsibility, accountability, commitment and love.

Our goal is to prepare our girls to not simply fit into society, but more importantly, to contribute positively to society either through constructive and effective leadership or through the conscientious execution of tasks.

Consequently, we strive towards excellence in every area, for if we want our students to grow into model women, we must ensure that while at school they learn to be excellent students – by practicing habits of industry, perseverance, thoroughness, honesty, integrity, tolerance and courage in the true Spirit of Faith, Hope and Love.