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CSEC Payments

by Sr. Martha Sebastien -

Letter to all form 5s  reminding about fees and finalizing  your subjects. 

                                               1 Subject                     $99.00

                                                2 Subjects                   $149.00

                                                3 Subjects                   $199.00

                                                4 Subjects                   $249.00

                                                5 Subjects                   $299.00

                                                6 Subjects                   $349.00

                                                7 Subjects                   $399.00

                                                8 Subjects                   $449.00

                                                9 Subjects                   $499.00

                                                10 Subjects                 $549.00

                                                11 Subjects                  $599.00

                                                12 Subjects                 $649.00

Based on the number of subjects you are doing the fee next to it is all that has to be paid except those students who are doing a foreign language. $10 as stated in the letter has to be paid to the oral examiner. You include that in your payment as well and ensure to indicate the same. 

Please email to finalize your options. 

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